Why Quantum Human Design?

For a licensed professional engineer, it may seem odd to take on Quantum Human Design as a tool in coaching. After all, it’s a synthesis of esoteric systems, built on Eastern and Western Astrology, the I’Ching, the Kabbalah the Hindu Chakra system, and quantum mechanics. This thing will tell me how my energy works solely based on my birthdate, birth time, and place of birth? Really? Yes, really.

What is Quantum Human Design?

Quantum Human Design takes the perspective that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to life and we all have our own unique energetic blueprint. Essentially, the chart that is created tells you a story of who you are. Over your lifetime, you may have been told a different story, and the chart can help you understand what your story could be. If we look at it as archetypal energy, a symbol, the chart doesn’t pigeonhole you into a label, it merely gives you a map. What you do with that map is up to you.

Traditional Human Design takes a slightly different approach to language and interpretation. If you’ve heard of Human Design before now, chances are you’ve heard of the more traditional interpretation. They’re the same, but I find Quantum Human Design more accessible and that’s why I chose to become certified in it.

So, why use it in coaching? 

My choice to include the Quantum Human Design system in my practice was because I believe it helps you understand how you work, and how you interact with others on an energetic level. It gives you the big picture of your energy, how to use it, your strategy for making decisions, and how others may perceive you. I use the chart to discuss your type, strategy, and authority to help you understand how to move through life with more ease and flow rather than trying to force something to happen. 

When I combined my DiSC personality type with my Human Design, I saw a bigger picture and realized using both systems in my practice can lead my clients toward realizing all of their potential, not just what they think they “should” be doing based on what they’ve been told.

The 5 Quantum Human Design Types

There are 5 energetic types in Quantum Human Design. Most people fall into two of the types, with some of us falling into three of the others. If you’ve ever felt really different from other people, it may be because you’re one of the three types making up about 30% of the population! Below is a brief description of each type. One of these may resonate with you, and it may or may not be true. In my own experience, I know I functioned as one type, but I’m really more in alignment with another type. To know for sure, you can run your free chart here. Want to know how to interpret it? Schedule an appointment with me for your reading!

Quantum Human Design Types (with traditional Human Design language in parentheses)


Initiator (Manifestor)  

This type is exactly how it sounds. People here to initiate and they tend to move very quickly on new ideas. They may not follow through on the work to bring them to fruition because they don’t have the sustainable energy to do that type of work. If you think about making a movie, this is the producer’s role. These are about 9% of the population.

Alchemist (Generator)

This type is here to “do the work” so to speak. Alchemists turn inspiration into form and generate the energy to do so. Basically, they can work as we traditionally think of “work”. If you think of a movie, these people are the cast and crew.

Time Bender (Manifesting Generator)

This is a combination of the Initiator and the Alchemist. This type acts as the Alchemist, having sustainable energy, but they find faster ways to move through the work. If you think of a movie, these people are the cast and crew. Combined, the Alchemists and Time Benders are about 70% of the population.

Orchestrator (Projector)

This type is here to guide others. Like the Initiator, they don’t have sustainable energy and can struggle in a traditional work setting where sustained energy is required. If you think of a movie, these people are the directors. This is about 20% of the population. Side note: Orchestrators and Alchemist types work really well together when they understand their roles. The Orchestrator is guiding and directing and the Alchemist is doing the work to turn the ideas into reality.

Calibrator (Reflector)

This type is here to show the community how healthy it is. They reflect and give feedback to the community. Like the Initiators and Orchestrators, they don’t necessarily have sustainable energy. If you think of a movie, this is the audience. This is about 1% of the population. 

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