What is Intuitive Energetic Coaching?

What the heck is an Intuitive Energetic Coach anyway? When I was trying to come up with a way to describe my coaching style, I went through numerous possibilities, and in the end, this phrase describes best the yoking of the concrete 3-D world (coaching) with intuition and energy, the “stuff” we can’t touch, but sense.


Intuition generally has two types: knowing and feeling. 

Feeling is when you talk about instinct or “feeling it in my gut” An example of this is walking into a room and noticing you immediately feel a certain way even if you weren’t feeling that way previously. During quarantine, I would walk into a store and feel like I had been stabbed with needles of anxiety. It made my attempts to do something “normal” entertaining in a rather macabre way. Other times you immediately feel at ease and calm when walking into a space.

Another way intuition shows up is when you know something and can’t explain how you know it. It drops into your head like someone planted it there and you say, “Hey…wait a minute, how do I know this thing?”

I tend to be a person who picks up emotions and feels them in my body (hence needles of anxiety) and honestly, I didn’t know I was so strong in that particular type of intuition until a few years ago. Hint: If you’ve ever heard you’re “too sensitive” or “too emotional”, this is probably you too. Guess what, being “too sensitive” is a superpower!


Now, what do I mean by “energetic”? Did you just picture a rah-rah cheerleader type? Have you read the copy on this-here website? Does it scream rah-rah cheerleader type? Just so we’re clear, that’s not what I mean by energetic. 

There are always threads of energy in a person’s life beginning with us as babies. As we move through life how we were raised, how our parents were raised, how our grandparents were raised…you getting this?…all contribute to our underlying energetic make-up. This energetic make-up may be linked to emotions like depression, anxiety, doubt, fear, scarcity or it could be linked to emotions like joy, love, and acceptance. This energy is something I can sense because I’m sensitive to other people’s emotions. You may think you’re saying one thing, but the energy underneath tells a different story. This gets me in trouble with my husband sometimes when I don’t know to leave well enough alone, but I don’t have a coaching agreement with him! In a coaching relationship, there’s an agreement of confidentiality that helps create the container for the coachee to feel safe in allowing this type of vulnerability.

Putting it all together

So why call me an Intuitive Energetic Coach? I’ve been through Energetic Self Mastery coach training to learn to focus attention on how I feel as I sense into the energy underneath the words. In this style, my questions are guided by whatever comes up, and often we find the issue to focus on is different than the original inquiry. It’s a fascinating way to look at coaching because when I was coached in this way, my entire reality changed. I was so linear that I thought I had the next 26 years figured out climbing the corporate ladder, and once I began to work with a highly intuitive coach, it all changed to the point that I’m sitting here now attempting to put into words how I can help you achieve your goals. Quite different than climbing the ladder!

Another way to look at it is this quote by Tony Robbins: “energy flows where attention goes”. Yes, where you put your attention definitely starts the ball rolling on getting energy behind your goals. However, what if you flip that quote and instead of focusing all your attention on a goal in order to make the energy flow toward it, you tend to the energy first. As my coach used to say, “If you put icing on a poo-pie, it’s still a poo-pie!” What she means by that quote is that until you tend to the underlying energies holding you back, you’ll keep bumping up against the same issues time and time again.

Your Role

So what’s your role in intuitive energetic coaching? You show up a willing coachee. That’s it, really. It’s my job to sense into the energy and follow the threads guiding you to uncover your goals, hopes, and path. It’s not like being in a college lecture hall taking notes as the professor tosses out facts telling you the “right” way to solve an equation or dive into a problem statement. My job is to guide you to seeing what action there is for you to take. In my own experience, this is the most efficient form of coaching and I’ve had the biggest leaps of my life by putting myself through it. 

Want to talk more? Interested in seeing how I put this into practice? Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with me here or check out my services here.


Photo by Marc Schulte on Unsplash


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