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One of my favorite coaching tools is Quantum Human Design (TM)*. It’s a way to begin understanding how your energy works and serves as a guide to making changes that best support you in your career and life.

This post introduces how I use it and what I’ve learned since beginning my training in 2021. 

I was introduced to Human Design by a friend, and the reading she gave blew me away. I instantly grasped why I had always felt different and, frankly, why I couldn’t keep up with others no matter how hard I tried. When I say “keep up,” I mean I would get tired before others. I wasn’t pulling all-nighters in college because I physically couldn’t. I couldn’t work 60 hours a week, and I actively avoided the companies I knew pushed their engineers into working overtime. Getting my reading gave me an answer. 


You may read this and say, “Well, why couldn’t you just accept you worked differently? Why did you need an answer?” 

Because of the way I approached life. As a high-achieving perfectionist, accepting that I didn’t quite have the energy of my peers felt like a failure. I constantly compared myself to people around me and beat myself up when it seemed like I couldn’t perform at their level. Clinically depressed and didn’t know it, I was also in a career that I wasn’t passionate about. Yet, the message I heard and internalized was, “Keep going; you’ll be happy someday; this is a good career for you,” even though what I was doing wasn’t fulfilling on a soul level.

You may also read this and say, “Hang on, would that mean everyone with your type is like that?”

No, not necessarily. The chart spoke to me in a particular way. I had been moving through life acting as if I was someone who had sustainable energy and judging myself when it was clear I needed way more rest and downtime than I was allowing. The chart showed me that I would stay in burnout if I didn’t take the rest.

The point is that the chart will show people different aspects of themselves that can give clues on how to move forward. 

How I use it

The chart may show you something very different. Some of my clients are blown away by their type. Some hone in on their profile. Others look at the open and defined energy centers. Others want to know about the gates.

I always start a coaching relationship with a reading, as it gives me clues on the best way to coach someone, and it usually illuminates something for my clients that they want to work on.

What I don’t do with Human Design is box people in. I prefer to come to the chart looking solely at the energy it, not prescribed “roles,” as you may see in the interwebs research. Now, there was a time when I was learning that the “roles” made sense to me until I noticed that people felt boxed in by them. That’s damaging and not helpful. The last thing any of us need is to feel boxed in. There are no “roles” for people. Taylor Swift, Serena Williams, and I are the same type. Clearly, you can be whatever you want.

We’re all energy and interact with and affect each other because of it. We study how our energy works to understand the dynamics in our relationships at work and home. Learning more about ourselves always guides us towards growth.

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*Quantum Human Design is a trademark of Karen Curry Parker


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