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How did September treat you? Are you looking at the date and wondering, how is it October already? It’s well documented that our perception of time speeds up as we get older. While there hasn’t been a proven mechanism, there are theories as to why this occurs. This published research suggests that as we grow older the size and complexity of the networks of neurons in our brains increases, meaning the signals must travel greater distances and processing takes more time. Click here to read the article.

Distractions can also cause us to lose track of time. Ever find yourself three-quarters into the day and wondering what you’ve accomplished? There are so many reasons why this happens, one of which I’ve cited above. Energetically, there may be other reasons why this occurs.

The Energetic Connection

As an illustration, we can look at the archetypal energies we carry. These energies are embodied in our Human Design and knowing your design can go a long way in showing you not only how you work, but the strategies that help you navigate things like..lists. In Human Design, there are nine energy centers that contain several gates. Depending on which gates are activated, the center may be defined or undefined.

There are two centers that function as pressure centers in our design, the head, and the root. These are described in the following paragraphs.

The Head Center

The first is the head (crown) center. When the head center is undefined, a person may experience the feeling of being inspired by ideas all the time. This is because the head center is where you take in ideas from all around you, and when it’s undefined, you take in the ideas in variable ways. With it undefined, you may not have a fixed way of processing the information as it comes in. When you’re taking in all these ideas and inspiration, it becomes imperative to be able to understand which ideas are the ones for you to act on, vs. which ones may be ideas to present to someone else because it’s an idea for them to act on.

The Root Center

The second energy center that creates pressure within us is the root center. This is the center of adrenaline and getting things done (aka, checking off the list). When this center is undefined, pressure to get things done while more and more tasks pile up can be really uncomfortable! In my experience, as someone who has an open root center, I can tell you that making lists and checking tasks off rarely leaves me feeling accomplished. More tasks are added to the list, and I feel like I have to get it done right now!


Given these points, what does this all have to do with the perception of time? When we’re feeling pressure from the head or the root (or both!) it can be difficult to slow down. The pressure creates feelings of “there are too many opportunities, I can’t choose!” Or “I have to get all this done NOW”.

Given these points, this is hardly a recipe for being present and grounded! Incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily life help you tap into your intuition, acknowledge the openness of your energy centers, and bring yourself back to what needs attention. Creating mindfulness creates a space where you aren’t affected by pressure to figure things out and get things done. By incorporating these practices, you can show up as a connected, transparent, and centered leader in all aspects of your life.

Some ideas for cultivating a mindfulness practice:

  1. Practice meditation. If you don’t already have this practice, there are so many ways to begin and many ways to meditate. Try apps like Insight Timer, Calm or Headspace to start.
  2. Use a habit tracker like Fabulous to start incorporating habits into your life that create groundedness in your routine.
  3. Go for walks without music or a podcast in your ears and spend the time noticing the details around you from the sounds you can hear to the objects you see.
  4. Practice breathwork. Box breathing is a great way to calm the nervous system. Inhale 4 counts, hold 4 counts, Exhale 4 counts, and hold at the bottom 4 counts. Repeat 3-4 rounds and notice how your body feels.

Finally, experiment with what works for you and no judging if one that you think “should” work doesn’t! We’re all unique and some practices work better for us. Find yours!


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