Let the Journey Begin

Quantum Human Design™ Chart

Activate your vision using Quantum Human Design™.
Human Design is a blueprint to how your energy works.

Know your energy and create your vision from there.

Bridge to Your Vision

Three months.
Gain clarity on life direction, choices and decision-making.

Use your intuition and break free from overthinking.

Lead with Audacity

Nine months.
Create your career and life in your vision, not someone else's.

The Lead with Audacity framework supports you through it all.

Workshops & Speaking

Speaking appearances via podcasts, and available workshops for your teams.

Quantum Human Design™ 

Quantum Human Design™ is your unique energetic archetype, often called the new astrology. This system incorporates 5 esoteric systems, including Eastern and Western astrology, the energy centers of the chakra system, the I'Ching, the Kabbalah, and concepts of quantum physics to inform how your energy works and interacts with others.

Much like astrology, you'll notice that while you may have the same type as other people, the details of your specific chart show you what makes you unique.

  • Gain clarity and get unstuck
  • Make better/easier/faster decisions
  • Understand how your energy works
  • Understand how you interact with others
  • Discover your strengths

Quantum Human Design™  Reading

  • 1-hr Quantum Human Design™ Reading  of your chart*
  • Your bodygraph and write-up of your Quantum Human Design for your reference after our meeting
  • Audio or video recording of your session
*I am certified in Quantum Human Design by Karen Curry Parker™

Bridge to Your Vision

Tune into your intuition and energy and break free from overthinking in 12 weeks. Getting stuck in analysis paralysis is exhausting and stops you from taking action. Learn techniques to stop the endless cycle of questioning and make decisions with ease and flow.

  • Shift your perception of energy
  • Gain clarity in your relationships
  • Uncover your personal strengths
  • Discover your decision-making superpower


  • Quantum Human Design™ Reading and on-going support in following your strategy and authority
  • Everything DiSC™ Assessment
  • Every other week 1:1 coaching sessions over 12 weeks
  • Private chat support for those burning questions that arise outside of our regular coaching sessions (WhatsApp)

Lead with Audacity

The Lead with Audacity program is designed to guide you in becoming a bold, confident, transparent, truthful, intuitive, change-making leader. In this 9-month container, we'll work together towards creating a vision for your life and career.

The truth is, we are leading every day, the question is, how do you want to lead yourself and your community? Unlearning and learning newly are hallmarks of this program, and I'll support you every step of the way. It takes audacity to break up with the status quo and step into who you want to be. If you have a feeling that there's something "out there" for you, and you're feeling pinched by your current career, this is the program for you!

Stage 1 - Break Free from Overthinking

  • Shift your perception of energy
  • Gain clarity in your relationships
  • Uncover your personal strengths
  • Discover your decision-making superpower

Stage 2 - Let Go of Status Quo

  • Lose the “shoulds” and become your authentic self
  • Have courage to ask for what you want and need
  • Reframe your perspective of who makes a “good” leader
  • Discover what fulfills your true self and purpose

Stage 3 - Create Your Vision

  • Create meaningful and deeper connections 
  • Align your life with your purpose and true self
  • Stand in your power as a leader
  • Create your life manifesto to give guidance and support for your new direction


  • Every other week 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Private chat support for those burning questions that arise outside of our regular coaching sessions (WhatsApp)
  • Work with your Quantum Human Design™ and Everything DiSC™ behavioral styles on a deeper level
  • Guidebooks with journaling prompts
  • At the completion of Stage 3 receive your Changemaker, Leading with Audacity certificate

"Improving Project Outcomes through Team Dynamics and Communication"

  • Using Everything DiSC and the team dynamics model, learn how your teams are performing and uncover your personal strengths. 
  • Improve morale on your teams by understanding how the team development model works (forming, storming, norming, performing).
  • Guide your teams to successful outcomes by applying the concepts learned in this workshop!
  • This workshop can be tailored for your specific teams and offered virtually or in-person.

Podcast Interviews

  • Civil Engineering Academy: Combating Burnout and Achieving Success with Tara McFarland. Listen here
  • Stand Up and Stand Out: Creative Adapability: Emotional, with Terre Short and Tara McFarland. Listen here.
  • Dreamscapes Episode 89: Limit State by Design. Listen here. 
  •  That’s a Job? Podcast: Tara McFarland’s Adventure: Civil Engineer, Geological Engineer, Dam Engineer. Listen here.
  • R.E.A.L. Money Talk: Into the Dark, Getting Stuck in Our Heads with Tara McFarland. Listen here.


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