Restore trust in yourself.


Having confidence in your decisions, the first time you make them.

Saying yes and knowing it’s a real “YES.”

Feeling solid and grounded knowing you’re meant to be here.

Bringing all of your creativity and insights to your work.

Envisioning your future with clarity.

You CAN trust your intuition, ask for what you need, and create the career and life you want.

The path to feeling aligned, connected, open and confident is through your unshakeable inner guidance, your intuition, and being fully grounded in your whole being.

The challenge is that we’ve learned to look outside of ourselves for all the answers, molding ourselves into what we “think” we “should” be. 


Take pride in your work, and have spent years accumulating knowledge.

Are accomplished. You’ve moved up the corporate ladder and are seeking the next step.

Believe there’s something more for you. You can feel it.

Your challenges…

You’re questioning your abilities (after all these years!).

You’re frustrated and feeling burned out.

You’re going through the motions.

You’re not speaking up because you’re not sure how to ask for help.

About Tara

Leadership coach, intuitive guide, and civil engineer, Tara McFarland connects people back to their intuition and their energy through the power of rewriting their stories about how their life “should” look, creating the life they actually want. Using Human Design and training in intuition, she guides her clients to trust their gut, and gives them permission to create the life and career that best fits them.

Bringing a unique combination as an intuitive and engineer, she bridges the gap between intuition/logic, feeling/thinking, and the spiritual world/3D reality

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